Helping Hand for Nepal

Dear  Painters,

We will again be having the Painting A Day for Nepal all-original-paintings fundraiser for Nepal, one of the world’s poorest countries.  Two years after the  earthquake, some are still in temporary shelters and children out-of-school due to the school being demolished or unsafe.  I am currently in Nepal and posting information/photos on FB if you are interested.  I am listed as…
Linda Jay Jackson (Helping Hand for Nepal)
Paintings will be due at Blaines during the second week of May, with Friday May 12 the final day to drop off your artwork.  
They will be on display for two weeks for silent auction at Blaines Friday May 19 – June 2
The closing event will be on June’s First FridayJune 2nd.
If you are a returning artist participant, we thank you so much for your continuing support.  Know you are saving lives in Nepal!  If you are a new participant, thank you for joining us. 
Helping Hand for Nepal remains an all-volunteer nonprofit paying no salaries or overhead.  100 percent of every donation goes directly to a Nepal project.  Tentative date for the slide show and talk on what HHN is doing now is Thursday May twenty-fifth. 

I hope you will consider helping Nepal by donating a painting for this annual fundraiser. Your support is appreciated more than you can imagine. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please let me know (338-8128). Thank you.

Warm regards to all,
Jay Jackson, Executive Director



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