March 2017

Join artist Karen Whitworth for an intensive 3-day portrait workshop.

March 10 – March 12
 9 AM to  4 PM

Price: $325 
Call to reserve your spot at 907-561-5344
 or visit them at 1025 Photo Avenue, Anchorage AK 99503.

Topics Covered: 
• Color mixing for flesh tones – Karen shares her secrets for getting lifelike flesh tones. 
• Dynamic lighting for portraits – flat no more! Use lighting to tell a captivating story. 
• Converting everyday snapshots to compelling portraits – With no shortage of photos, this segment will turn your old or saved phone images, into a treasure trove of future paintings. 

  • Ideas for creating powerful portrait compositions using everyday objects.
    • Optional Facebook Group for added content. (This is free for all students.)Items to bring: 
    • Gamsol. (To help those with sensitive respiratory systems, please, do not bring other OMS or Turpenoid thinners to this workshop. Thank you for your understanding as we accommodate those with sensitivities.) 
    • Plastic sack for used paper towels/trash 
    • Notebook and pen/pencil 
    • Water bottle/drinks 
    • Roll of paper towels – Shop Towels are recommended (Blue paper towels designed for Auto mechanics, excellent for use with oil paint) 
    • Easel/Pochade Box with Palette (Neutral or white colored palette, please) We will be working on small paintings (Approximately 8×10) so a plein air rig should work. 
    • Small Palette Knife for mixing 
    • Brushes 
    Long Filbert (Mongoose or badger) 
    – 0 (Approx 1/8″) 
    – 1 (Slightly Larger than size 0) 
    – 6 (Approx. ½”) 
    Long Flat (Synthetic Bristle) 
    – 4 (Approx. ½”) 
    – 5 (Approx. 5/8″) • Paint 
    (Gamblin Oil Colors – Artist Grade) 
    – Warm White 
    – Portland Warm Grey 
    – Indian Yellow 
    – Perylene Red 
    – Quinacridone Magenta 
    – Ultramarine Blue 
    – Sap Green It’s sure to be a wonderful time of learning and creativity. We hope you can join us!


May 2017






May 18th-21st ,2017
Blaine’s Art Store In Anchorage Alaska

This four day workshop will be a beginner’s class on Thursday and Friday, Intermediate on Saturday and Sunday. $100 each day with a max cost of $350 for all 4 days.
II f you have not taken any classes from me before, you are allowed to sign up for the Thursday class. This will be a VERY beginner, “color-wheel, pear and wine bottle painting” easy class. The remaining days will get progressively more informative and detailed. No matter your level of painting ability, you will enjoy all of the following days. Do not be intimidated.

Jennifer’s joy is contagious and you will have a blast hanging out for two days of fun and exploration while playing in the paint. You’ll learn basics like color, composition and values as well as fun techniques of splashing rubbing alcohol and rubber placemat textures. We all learn and laugh, and you go home with an “I can DO this” confidence and knowledge. Click on the supplies link above to access a list of what you are welcome to with.

Call Blaine’s Art in to book this class. 907-561-5344


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