Blaines Update  4/26/20

A note from Dave,

I am so happy to announce that we reopened Monday, April 27th!

We are doing it softly, however, and along with our reduced hours is a whole new set of rules. I know they are a pain but, it is the only way forward at this point.

Our new hours are Monday through Friday 11 am to 6 pm.

All customers and staff are required to wear masks, no exceptions.

Only 5 customers are allowed in the store at a time.

One person per family.

Hand sanitizer is available and its use is encouraged, upon entering the store and exiting.

If you feel ill do not come into the store, you may call in an order and have someone else pick it up. 

It has been a very trying month for all. If we can get through phase one of reopening without too many problems, we can move to even more relaxation of the current restrictions.

The people of Anchorage are nothing less than amazing in their ability to overcome adversity. We are survivors. We made it through the earthquake and we will make it through this too.

So many of you have been doing so much incredible artwork during the hunker down, I so look forward to having a show in the future showcasing some of that work. 

We still have a ways to go but, the company is good…social distancing and all…and Summer is coming and the sun is shining. I look forward to welcoming you all back.

Artfully yours,

Most sincerely
David Haag

If you have questions please email: info@blainesart.com

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