Watercolor l:

In beginning watercolor we cover the importance of materials, how to use a limited pallet of colors to create a large variety of colors and values, brushwork, composition, atmospheric perspective, reflections, shadows and many other important elements to help understand how watercolor works. These classes are designed for beginners and artists who have painted in watercolor, but not had any formal training. The lessons are a college-level class and will give you a good solid basic knowledge of the medium while having fun in the process!

Watercolor ll:

I like to compare the advanced watercolor classes with the beginning class…in the beginning class you are learning to do longhand math and in the advanced class you get to use the calculator. In this class, we explore more complicated subjects and work on projects that may take several sessions to complete. Everything that is learned in the beginning class is taken to the next levels including many new and challenging techniques. These sessions can be taken indefinitely since I am always teaching a different subject along with learning and challenging my own work, which I share with you.

Drawing Classes:

Fundamentals of Drawing and Perspective gives a great preview of the basic skills needed to progress with drawing. Values, textures, line, form, composition, and shadowing are just a few of the lessons learned in these classes. We also learn about atmospheric and linear perspective with a greater emphasis on the linear…learn how to get the correct drawing of houses and buildings, roads, fences, and relationships with objects close and far. We use various charcoals, Conte crayons, and pencils.

Drawing the Face is a class designed to help you understand the basic proportions of the head and how to draw the various parts of the face with accuracy.  We start with a frontal view only in this class and learn about the eye, nose, mouth, ears, neck, and hair. By the end of the class, you will be able to draw a face and with a little practice, you can really excel with the techniques I will show you.

Drawing the Figure class a great introduction into drawing the body. We literally take it piece by piece and learn some of the subtle elements that people usually miss when drawing the human form.

We learn about the skeleton and the muscles…don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize any of the names you just need to know that they are there and what to look for when drawing. Each week we learn a different part and in the last class, we have a live model (clothed) for the class to work from.

 Oil Painting

Oil painting is a combined class for beginners and advanced painters and it works out just great. We cover color mixing, composition, use of mediums, brushwork, assorted techniques, and a big variety of subjects step by step.