Product Demonstrations                           May 1, 2019

Gamblin Oil Paint: 3:00-4:00

A hint about color palette’s can be best explained visually showing three colors, one from the Mineral palette, one from the Modern Palette and Titanium White. Discover the magic behind the knowing the difference!

Daniel Smith Watercolor, Magical Mixes: 4:00-6:00

Oh! The Custom Colors You Can Create!

Discover some of Daniel Smith’s magical mixes, their Primatek, and their new grays! An afternoon’s chance to “Dot out” and try a host of new colors for your Spring painting!

Plus try Fabriano’s Artistico WC paper and Princeton’s Elite and Velvet Touch brushes.

Oh! The Combinations We Can Make!

Join Us May 1’st starting at 3pm and Discover More!

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